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Sunday 07.05.2023, 18:00 

Gérard Grisey: Les espaces acoustiques

Eine Odyssee im Klangraum

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  • Standing tickets 2 hours before the concert: € 21.-

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Standing tickets 2 hours before the concert: € 21.-

With scientific meticulousness, the Frenchman Gérard Grisey broke music down to its fundamental elements, deriving the laws of larger forms from the structure of its smallest particles. He ventured into the innermost layers of sound, observing the spectrum of overtones, their initial and final phases, under a microscope and then making them audible by magnifying them macroscopically. The co-founder of Spectral Music said that he worked »… not with notes, but with tones,« placing himself within the tradition of his teacher Olivier Messiaen. »Les espaces acoustiques« is considered one of his main works. The six-part cycle begins with an extensive viola solo and grows through all the nuances of a rich, large-volume orchestral sound. Music as an organism that sprouts, differentiates itself and then dies in the final tone, »animated by an inner breath« pulsing though the composition. A sonic space odyssey.

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Intermission at 18:55 | Estimated end at 20:10


Gérard Grisey
Les espaces acoustiques
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