Your question is not listed here? Write us an email to feedback@koelnmusik.de or contact the Philharmonie-Hotline 0221. 280 280!

  • How do I get to the concert venue?

    To obtain a description, click on the link Route navigation bars.

  • Where can I find the programme?

    The Concert Search function in the main menu allows you to display the programmes, according to various criteria.

    Concert search
  • Is there an overview of the whole season?

    As over 400 concerts are staged each season, it is simply not possible to display a complete overview on one single page. However, by using the Concert Search function you can narrow down your search through the vast number of concerts to a more convenient and manageable size. The season concert programme can be ordered online.

    Order online
  • How much are the tickets?

    The ticket prices differ from concert to concert: there is either a standard price or a subdivision in five categories. The particular prices are indicated in the detailed concert description of each concert.

  • Can one purchase tickets at reduced prices on the internet?

    Yes: After you have selected the desired concert in the Concert Search box the booking page will open. Here you can click on the required type of discount next to the price group. Please note that only one ticket can be purchased at a discount and that verification of discount entitlement must be presented on admission to the Kölner Philharmonie.

  • I would like to attend a concert with my child, what should I bear in mind?

    We look forward to your visit to the Kölner Philharmonie! Please note that regular concerts are not suitable for children under the age of three, as they require a quiet and concentrated atmosphere. However, we do offer a variety of other formats specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of children, including children's concerts, family workshops and Veedel concerts. For more information on our children's and family offerings, »click here.

  • Wo finde ich Informationen zur Barrierefreiheit?

    Die Kölner Philharmonie möchte den Konzertbesuch für Menschen mit Behinderungen angenehm gestalten und hat daher eine barrierefreie Website. Es gibt Behindertenstellplätze im unmittelbar angrenzenden Parkhaus. Bei Fragen und Problemen während des Besuchs steht das Foyerteam zur Verfügung. Schwerbehinderte Besucher erhalten bei Konzerten der KölnMusik eine Ermäßigung von 25% auf den regulären Kartenpreis und Begleitpersonen haben je nach Bedarf Anspruch auf Rabatte oder freien Eintritt.

    Ausführliche Informationen finden Sie auf der »Seite zur Barrierefreiheit.

  • Are catering facilities available?

    When the foyer opens, the bars in the Kölner Philharmonie begin serving cold and hot drinks and small snacks prior to the concert and during the intermission. The Philharmonie does not have a restaurant on the premises, although in the immediate proximity of the concert hall there are a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

  • What happens if I am late?

    Should you arrive later for a concert, we would ask you to appreciate that we are anxious to avoid any disturbances to the events in progress. Although we shall endeavour to secure you admission as quickly as possible, this may mean, in exceptional cases, that you cannot be admitted to your seat until the intermission.

  • What if there are programme changes?

    Although we try to avoid any changes to the programme, performers/artists and schedules, this sometimes proves impossible. Any changes can be found in the concert search of this website. Please note that changes to the performers/artists, the programme or the schedule do not warrant entitlement to refunds of tickets or subscriptions.

  • Are standing places available?

    Please check the ticket info at the respective concert after clicking »buy tickets«.

    For selected KölnMusik events, 100 standing tickets will be available. Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office 2 hours before the concert begins. A limited number of tickets are also available two hours before the start of the event via Philharmonie web shop and hotline (max. 50 % of all standing tickets).

    Persons entitled to a reduction (students/trainees under 29 years, holders of Cologne pass and severely handicapped persons) can purchase tickets at a reduced price of 12 euros.

    A maximum of two tickets can be purchased per customer. Advance bookings are not possible.

    There is no entitlement to the provision of a standing room contingent. The regulations on standing tickets may also differ for promoters other than KölnMusik.

  • Where can I obtain information on special offers?

    In the section Discovering Music, you will find the latest information on current offers, including concerts in combination with guided tours, introductions and evening dinners, and details of special discounts for subscribers.

  • Can I take a look around the Philharmonie?

    Although the number of people wishing to look around the Philharmonie far outnumbers the guided tours on offer, we will always endeavour to meet your wishes if you send an e-mail to feedback@koelnmusik.de We regret that we are only able to provide guided tours through the Philharmonie to groups and not individuals.

  • Am I allowed to take pictures?

    Please remember to switch off or mute your mobile phone before the start of the concert. We ask for your understanding that picture and sound recordings are not permitted during the concert for copyright reasons. During the final applause, you are welcome to take pictures without flash as a souvenir and for private use. You may also share your pictures on social media. Filming and sound recordings are not permitted. 

  • Kann ich mit der Eintrittskarte den ÖPNV nutzen?

    Your admission ticket also serves as your travel ticket to the Philharmonie and back: It is valid on all buses, trams and trains operating within the Rhein-Sieg regional transport network four hours before and four hours after the concert. After attending the event, the ticket is not transferable to another person, not even as a ticket on the transport network.
    VRS timetable information


    Info about eTickets:

    eTickets do not count as transportation ticket on their own!

    Please request your free personalized ticket for transport online at koelner-philharmonie.de/oepnv-kombiticket.


  • Can I return or exchange my tickets?

    Tickets for events at the Kölner Philharmonie cannot be returned or exchanged. You can pass on tickets to friends or acquaintances. Discounted tickets can be upgraded to normal price at the box office against payment of the difference.