The Kölner Philharmonie wants the visit of a concert to be a wonderful experience for handicapped persons as well. Our website is designed in a barrier-free way, so anyone who has impaired sight or motor function can use all of the information unrestrictedly.

Barrier-free access

The Kölner Philharmonie can be accessed easily by car to drop off or pick up people.

The friendly foyer team staff welcomes visitors at the ground level entrance and offers assistance as well as helping with the doors. The Kölner Philharmonie has an adjacent parking garage with nine parking spaces for the handicapped. Wheelchair users who visit the concert hall by car can use the Philharmonie parking garage free of charge. The Kölner Philharmonie can also be reached by public transportation. Disembarking at the Cologne main railway station or Heumarkt, visitors do not have to climb any stairs.

25% discount for disabled

At KölnMusik events, visitors with a "severely handicapped" ID receive a 25% discount. The accompanying person receives a 50% discount. This may not apply at events organised by KölnMusik partners.

The foyer staff is there for you

Foyer staff are available at all times to assist you if you have any questions or problems. Please turn to the information staff next to the main entrance or directly address a staff member in your area.

  • Navigation aid for the visually impaired

    The blind or the severely visually impaired can attend concerts in the Kölner Philharmonie without any inconvenience either alone or accompanied by another person.

    Since the Philharmonie is in the immediate proximity of Cologne's main station it is easily accessible via public transport. There is one main entrance, beyond which the evening box office is located on the left-hand side. Ticket attendants are then waiting at the second door which opens out into the spacious foyer. Once in the foyer we recommend that patrons turn left where an information desk is situated and further along the cloakroom. The staff at the information desk will gladly guide visually impaired visitors not accompanied by a fully-sighted person to their seats.

    The easiest way from the foyer into the concert hall itself is via a broad staircase which - walking in a straight line from the main entrance through the foyer - leads directly through to the back of the foyer and then up into the main aisle encircling the hall. Located on the right-hand side of the foyer are further cloakrooms and a staircase leading up to the hall. Coats and other garments can be handed in at the cloakrooms free of charge in return for a square token bearing a number. After the concert you can retrieve your garments upon presentation of the token.

    The architecture of the concert hall resembles that of an ancient amphitheatre: The circular podium is positioned almost in the centre of the hall. In front of the podium the rows of seats incline steeply upwards in a semicircle. Another semicircle is formed by the choir gallery (block Z) and the two tiers of balconies behind the podium. To the left of the podium is the large, permanently installed concert organ.

    The seating areas are divided into blocks which are labelled alphabetically. The blocks A, B, E, D and the choir gallery Z are closest to the podium. Facing the podium but positioned somewhat further away are blocks C and F in the centre, surrounded by a semicircular section comprising the blocks G, H, L, Q, N and M. To the left and the right on the upper tiers are the blocks I, K, R, P, O and S. The balconies are blocks X and Y.

    The acoustics are excellent throughout the hall. We particularly recommend blocks C, F, L or Q, as these are easily accessible from the straight broad stairway leading up from the foyer. In easy access of these blocks, two areas have been set aside for patrons wishing to take refreshments in the interval. These can be reached from the seating area by taking the stairs leading to the circular aisle and turning right into the Rheingartenfoyer or left into the main foyer.

    Guide-dogs are also welcome in the Philharmonie, although the choice of seats is somewhat restricted. Consequently, we recommend that on purchasing tickets patrons advise staff of the presence of the guide dog and report to the information desk on the evening of the concert.

  • Navigation aid for the physically handicapped

    For wheelchair users, there are 12 viewing places in block R and 12 in block S. The accompanying persons sit right next to the wheelchair user. These places can be reached via a lift near the cloakrooms for blocks C, F, X, and Y on the left-hand side of the foyer.

    In block Z behind the stage there are two additional spots for wheelchair users with one accompanying person each. These places can be reached by taking the lift located near cloakrooms Q, P, and N on the right-hand side of the foyer. Block Z is accessed via a ramp. Our staff will provide assistance. The views and acoustics are unrestrictedly good in all seats. We recommend that people with a slight walking impairment sit in balconies X and Y, as they can be reached by climbing only nine steps.

    There are unisex toilets for disabled persons with emergency alarms in the foyer at the level of the main entrance next to the mirrored bar as well as on the balcony on the level of blocks R and S (can be reached by lift). The lavatories can be locked from the inside and no key is required to enter. In the women’s and men’s lavatories on the lower floor of the foyer there are additionally special toilets with higher seats and handles.

  • Ticket order for wheelchair users

    Seats for wheelchair users and their companions are available for KölnMusik events in blocks R & S and - if available - in block Z.

    The accompanying person receives free admission but requires a ticket. 

    Tickets for wheelchair users are available by telephone on 0221 / 280 280 or at the Kölner Philharmonie concert box office:

    Kölner Philharmonie Concert Box Office
    Kurt-Hackenberg-Platz/corner of Bechergasse
    50667 Cologne
    (opposite the Kölner Philharmonie and accessible from there without steps)