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Friday 20.01.2023, 21:00 

Round - Nasssau & Glossa

The event is in the past!

  • € 22.- | Student under 29: € 12.-

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Moments of strangeness are difficult to name, endure, or evaluate. The project Γλώσσα (Glossa) is a research situation in which the voice of all participants develops as an intimate and at the same time foreign being. A laboratory situation without an audience, which only sometimes shifts into the public sphere, as now in the Kölner Philharmonie. 

In the concerts of the collective Nasssau, which has been in existence since 2015, dense, polyrhythmic surfaces emerge from which diverse electronic sounds shimmer out between organ and laptop, tape loops and FM synthesis. Without fixed boundaries or pauses, the music is freely improvised and played in one flow.

Together with organist Annie Bloch and cellist Emily Wittbrodt, both collectives have devised a piece specifically for the Philharmonie's audience space. Based on the feeling that this much-used space - like a shell - carries its own noise.

Γλώσσα (Glossa) are Sophie Emilie Beha, Mirjam Berg, Björn Castilliano, Aglae Coutand, Friedemann Dupelius, Karlotta Fischer, Carla Gesthuisen, Carolin Gerstberger, Lea Felizitas Helm, Helene Heuser, Tanja Kodlin, Sharon Latschinske, Karl Ludwig, Leonie Ludwig, Elisa Metz, Fabian Neubauer, Valeria Oggioni, Jiyun Park, Ella Posny, Esther Rosiny-Wieland, Sara Salem, Sophia Schach, Josephine Stamer, Leonie Teika, Diana Treder, Lotte Westphal, Zoe Wrede


Nasssau & Glossa: Live-Set


Kölner Philharmonie