Verkehrsbehinderungen wg. Lkw-Demo am 1. Dezember – Mehr Infos

Wednesday 05.05.2021, 18:00 


meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The event is in the past!

Finding one’s rhythm, maintaining and varying it and always keeping it perfectly in synch with one’s fellow players. This vocabulary can be transposed effortlessly from music to sports. Intuitively, we have always known about this relation, but Annesley Black now offers compositional proof: Smooche de la Rooche II, a piece for three sporting percussionists armed with a skipping rope, endurance, electronics and a competitive spirit. The Stuttgart-based ensemble ascolta is ready to play this team sport. Martin Schüttler’s Boys Don’t Cry has also been tailored to these seven musicians; and meanwhile, back at the ranch… was commissioned by them in 2005 from the Irish avant-garde composer, multimedia and performance artist Jennifer Walshe. The title quotes a standard phrase from old silent western films and comics: let’s see what’s going on at home. But here, the point is not only seeing, but also hearing what can be read from comic drawings projected live.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Estimated end at 18:50


Markus Schwind Trompete
Andrew Digby Posaune
Erik Borgir Violoncello
Hubert Steiner E-Gitarre
Lucas Gerin Percussion
Peer Kaliss Percussion
Boris Müller Percussion
Nina Guo Image-Controller
Remmy Canedo Klangregie


Jennifer Walshe
meanwhile, back at the ranch...
für sieben Performer und Image-Controller

Martin Schüttler
Boys Don't Cry
für Ensemble und Live-Elektronik

Annesley Black
Smooche de la Rooche II
für drei athletisch begabte Schlagzeuger und Elektronik