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Sunday 02.05.2021, 11:00 

Jakub Flügelbunt... and Magdalena Rotenband

Comics for three singers and ensemble

The event is in the past!

  • Child & youth under 17: € 6.- | Adult: € 16.-

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Event cancelled

Children love action, as Miroslav Srnka knows. Therefore, for his piece Jakub Flügelbunt .. und Magdalena Rotenband (Jacob Colourwing … and Magdalena Redribbon), the Czech composer teaching in Cologne chose a narrative form that is full of tempo and punchlines: "To myself, I call it a comic strip opera, because everything races forward in short dialogues. In between, there’s a lot of flying, falling, running, searching, arguing, counting and building." Jakub, the title hero, is a young bird who tries to take flight too soon and too high, breaks a wing when he crashes to the ground, makes friends, wins the animals’ big forest race and finds true love. It’s a piece about growing up – and that is reflected in Jakub’s part, which sinks from countertenor to baritone, occasionally switching between registers like a boy undergoing his vocal mutation. The other singers, soprano and bass, take different roles, and even the orchestra musicians occasionally intervene in the action. Jakub Flügelbunt is an amusing fairy-tale for listeners of any age, and it explores the immense possibilities of the human voice. The music is quite modern – but children don’t mind that.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

No intermision | Estimated end at 12:00


Fabio Lesuisse baritone (Jakub und CT Stimme)
Pawel Lawreszuk bass (Vater, Igel, Eule)

Clara Hinterberger stage direction
Patrick Widmer Visuelle Gestaltung
Dorien Thomsen equipment
Marie Harneit Kostüm
Luca Fois Videokunst/ Animation
Pia-Rabea Vornholt dramaturgy


Miroslav Srnka
Jakub Flügelbunt... und Magdalena Rotenband oder: Wie tief ein Vogel singen kann
Comics für drei Sänger und Ensemble
Libretto vom Komponisten nach einem Motiv von Maria Procházková (2011)
Kompositionsauftrag der Ensemblefassung von ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln gefördert vom Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen


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