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Wir hatten was mit Björn ©Marcus Engler

Thursday 04.05.2023, 22:30 

ACHT BRÜCKEN Festivalzelt

Wir hatten was mit Björn

On the ruins

The event is in the past!

Acoustic soul, cool techno, playful RnB jazz, spheric noise, polyphonic pop – it’s impossible to pin down WIR HATTEN WAS MIT BJÖRN (WHWMB) to one single genre. Their joint sound is entrancing, naked and rough, but also tender and intimate. As a listener, you feel as if you’re sitting on stage with the band, as if the sounds were generated close to your ear, almost inside your head, and then in your heart. These are songs to listen to lying on the floor, songs that drive out the cold, flip the bird at time and tell stories about being human. It’s pop music with strange instruments. The acoustic sound of double bass, trombone and percussion, plus electronic sounds. In their midst floats the vocal line, direct and pure. This music is not a journey to distant places; it is a deep dive into one’s own wild intimacy.

Estimated end at 23:30



On the ruins


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