duo santorsa~pereyra ©Astrid Ackermann

Tuesday 02.05.2023, 18:00 


so nah ~ so fern

Neue Musik von Annesley Black, Lisa Streich und Yoko Konishi

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»so near ~ so far« – in its current project, the guitar duo santorsa~pereyra explores not only the immense sonic possibilities of electric guitar and live electronics, but also dedicates itself to a larger issue: the interplay of proximity and distance. The composers involved, including the Canadian Annesley Black and the Swede Lisa Streich, worked separately on this idea, taking different approaches. Thus, Black, who used to play electric guitar in various bands, wants to put the sound engineering technique of »sidechain triggering« to experimental use, seeking to stage behaviour patterns typical in every duo: rivalry and power struggles, but also support and camaraderie. This leads to a labyrinth of interconnected relations, creating both distance and proximity between the musicians.

​Supported by Kunststiftung NRW

Estimated end at 19:00


Annesley Black
fresh used goods
für zwei E-Gitarren und Live-Elektronik

Lisa Streich
für zwei E-Gitarren und Live-Elektronik

Yoko Konishi
The light fell on the wall, where limpidity like gauze, she gazed into the distance
für zwei E-Gitarren und Live-Elektronik


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