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Monday 02.05.2022, 18:00 


Mirror Worlds

eResponse 2022 – Final Concert

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The composition project »Response«, focused on purely acoustical music so far, presents itself in a new guise in 2022: under the title »eResponse«, the exploration of electronic music enters the creative work by students of secondary schools in Cologne. During a project phase of several weeks, the teenagers compose contemporary music, guided by composers Thomas Taxus Beck and Marco Mlynek; they present the results of their work in their own concert on May 2 at the COMEDIA Theater. During the composition process, the teenagers explore the music and working techniques of the percussionist Midori Takada and her creative scene: the Japanese ambient and minimal music scene. Midori Takada performs at Cologne’s Philharmonie on May 5. The attendance of the young composers at this performance and their encounter with the artist, as well as the performance of some of their works on the same evening as Midori Takada’s concert, are all part of the project.

Gefördert durch die PwC-Stiftung.

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Thomas Taxus Beck Project management composition


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