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Thursday 05.05.2022, 19:30 

Ambient Live


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She is the Grande Dame of the Japanese ambient and minimal music scene – the percussionist Midori Takada. Her album »Through the Looking Glass«, considered the holy grail of Japanese music, inspired none less than Steve Reich to rapture in 1983. No wonder. After all, at the time Midori Takada recurred to African and Asian percussion traditions for her gentle melodies and sophisticated loop worlds. This evening also features the American Laurel Halo, who is not only a specialist for electronic sounds, but also joined the Moritz von Oswald Trio in 2021.

​Das Konzert im Radio: Donnerstag, 02.06.2022, WDR3 open Multitrack, 23:03


Midori Takada percussion
Laurel Halo electronics


Laurel Halo - Ambient Show


Midori Takada - Solo

KölnMusik in Kooperation mit ACHT BRÜCKEN. Im Rahmen der Konzertreihe "Round"

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