Tom Belkind ©Daniel Gan-Or

Internationaler ACHT BRÜCKEN Kompositionswettbewerb

Uraufführung und Prämierung der ausgewählten Werke

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Three wind and three string instruments, guitar, piano, percussion – according to the call for submissions, this is the maximum cast for works submitted to the current round of the ACHT BRÜCKEN Composition Competition. It is identical with the combination of players in the ÉRMA Ensemble – and of course this is no coincidence, for this group will perform the works of three candidates for the first prize in the final concert. Furthermore, it will also perform a work by Tom Belkind, the 2021 Bernd Alois Zimmermann Fellow of the City of Cologne, which was not part of the competition. Its figurative title, »I see green Hills spill into the valley«, refers to a morning train journey which provided the first impulse for the composition: landscapes passing by, strangely beautiful patterns of random noises, freely roaming thoughts, memories, emotions, all this an intense experience in a trance-like state between fatigue and hyper-alertness. The music tries to transform this situation into abstract sound.


Jennifer Seubel, Flutist (ÉRMA Ensemble)

Werner Wittersheim, Journalist and Editor, WDR

Brigitta Muntendorf, Composer (Professor at the Cologne Academy of Music and Dance)

Paulo Álvares, Pianist (Professor at the Cologne Academy of Music and Dance)

Das Konzert wird vom WDR für den Hörfunk aufgezeichnet und kann am 11. Mai im Radio und anschließend für 30 Tage auf nachgehört werden.

Intermission at 17:45


Uraufführung der ausgewählten Werke

Luca Ricci
Quando il sole copre le nuvole vien buio
für neun Instrumente

Antonio La Spina
Tre pezzi incoerenti
für Ensemble

Po-Chien Liu
In einem verlassenen Zimmer
für neun Instrumente


Preisvergabe durch Louwrens Langevoort und die Jury

Tom Belkind
I see green Hills spill into the valley
für verstärktes Ensemble mit Elektronik


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