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h i l d e ©Karl-F. Degenhardt

Monday 01.05.2023, 21:30  (Tag der Arbeit)

ACHT BRÜCKEN Festivalzelt

h i l d e

Instant Composing

The event is in the past!

At times, one hears intricate, dense »musique concrète«, then again there are imaginative allusions to the music of the renaissance or early baroque period. However, given such rich resources, revolving only around itself is not what the band h i l d e, founded in 2018, is about. Gradually, song structures emerge from these sonic scenarios: »instant composing« is the key to their method. In it, music moves from a free-floating individuality to a shared middle ground. Daring to leave the abstract behind for the lyrical – that is these four musicians’ goal.

Estimated end at 22:30



Live-Set: Instant Composing


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