TRANSPORT ©Sebastian Lehmann

Round # 1 podium with electronic music

Thursday 06.09.2018, 21:30

Die Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit!

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TRANSPORT is a collective for improvised music by Nils Herzogenrath, Niklas Wandt and Edis Ludwig. The group emerged from the experimental subcultures of the Ruhr area, between Folkwang and Shiny Toys Festival. Musically, the band works on the legacy of Can and Ash Ra Temple, so it's one leg deep in pop music and the other in more advanced jazz and experimental music. In a frequently expanded lineup, TRANSPORT played improvised concerts in Germany and Europe - most recently at the renowned KRAAK Festival in Brussels.

Licht von Max Brands, Thomas Meckel und Lena Wontorra.

Gemeinsam mit Thomas Meckel und Tobias Thomas.


    Edis Ludwig electronics
    Nils Herzogenrath bass, voc
    Niklas Wandt drums


Kölner Philharmonie