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When it comes to the liquid element, the storage facility for mobile flood barriers is a good place to be, even if flooding is not to be expected at »Liquid Lines«. Soundwaves are all that await, and only in the form of a soft surf, which requires no protection, but invites us to dive in and luxuriate. Olicía, the duo of singers and multi-instrumentalists Anna-Lucia Rupp and Fama M’Boup, is surely one of the most exciting band projects of the past months. Despite all the lockdowns. »Electronic handmade loop jazz« is how the two describe their personal sound biotope of loops, electric guitars, the retro sound of old keyboards and synthesizers and lots of percussion, shot through with a spirit of soul, pop and folk and securely anchored to the foundation of that most basic of all instruments, the human voice. The title and programme of the concert refer to their 2021 debut album, although their pieces are continuously subject to further development and change. Everything flows …

​Das Konzert im Radio: Samstag, 21.05.2022, WDR3 Konzert, 20:04

Estimated end at 18:30


Olicía ensemble
Anna-Lucia Rupp voice, loops, effects, keys, guitar
Fama M’Boup voice, loops, effects, electronic drums, percussion


Liquid Lines

ACHT BRÜCKEN in Kooperation mit Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln, AöR

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