Dopplereffekt ©Christian Kain

Friday 29.04.2022, 21:00 


Descendants of Drexciya

The event is in the past!

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The title unmistakably connects the four acts presented here with Drexciya, the legendary duo with which Gerald Donald and his partner James Marcel Stinson, who passed away too soon, caused a stir on Detroit’s electro scene in the 1990s. In Dopplereffekt, his current project, also founded before the turn of the millennium, Donald has continued this success seamlessly to this day. The hypnotic sounds with their abstract graphic visuals became a stylistic model on the global level, as did the reflection on social conflicts demanding honest positioning from artists.

Sarah Farina is an artist with a clear political profile. She calls her music »rainbow bass«, an allusion to the symbol of the queer movement, but also a signal of her musical tolerance, leading the listener into multi-stylistic sonic worlds. Her bass-heavy sounds have become an international reference point. And it seems silly to introduce Viola Klein and Sandilé to a Cologne audience: two local heroines performing regularly at Stecken, Acephale, JAKI, Odonien, Gewölbe or Reineke Fuchs. Drexciya’s heritage is in the best of hands.

Gefördert durch den Musikfonds e.V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien. 


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