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Su klingk Kölsch zor Chressdagszigg

Friday 21.12.2018, 20:00

Die Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit!

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A few days before Christmas, a light-hearted programme featuring many local singers, instrumentalists and speakers with a flair for local identity awaits visitors to Cologne’s Philharmonie. Ranging from the typical humorous songs from Cologne to regional song repertoire both past and present, a varied programme will cover a broad musical spectrum. Among others, the medieval women’s chorus Ars Choralis Coeln as well as the ensemble Le Quatuor Romantique, which performs in a combination of violin, cello, piano and harmonium rarely heard today anymore, interpreting works from the late 19th century. The activities of authors Elfie Steickmann and Alice Herrwegen centre around the care and preservation of the local Cologne dialect, and they will contribute spoken texts. In addition, Cologne musicians such as J.P. Weber (“Die Flitsch”) and Stefan Knittler (“Loss mer singe”) invite the audience to sing along with Christmas hits.

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Dieses Konzert wird auch live auf übertragen. Der Livestream wird unterstützt durch JTI.


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