Debüts in der Kölner Philharmonie ©Shutterstock/ouh_desire

Kölner Philharmonie Debuts

The first time an ensemble or a soloist performs in a particular concert hall is known as their debut, from the French word début meaning beginning. In the concert world a debut is the start of an artistic association that often lasts a long time. Every year many – often young – musicians who are no longer at the start of their career but still have a hugely promising future ahead of them make their Kölner Philharmonie debut. Doing exactly that this season are most of the performers in the Rising Stars series as well as countertenor Philipp Mathmann (29 August), the Danish String Quartet (16 September), conductor Laurence Equilbey (29 September), cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason (10 October), soprano Katharina Konradi (14 November), violinist Elena Urioste and conductor Kevin John Edusei with the Chineke! Orchestra (15 November) and organist Arvid Gast (8 June).

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