Karneval in Köln: Weitere Infos

We await the coming of Christ the Child

Monday 24.12.2018, 15:00

(Christmas eve)

Die Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit!

plus advance booking fees

When gleaming children’s eyes and curious voices ask, early on the morning of December 24, when the lights on the tree will be lit and when presents can be unwrapped; when at noon time seems to stand still and when darkness never seems to fall; when afternoon begins and expectation slowly gives way to impatience: then it is time to set out for the Cologne Philharmonie, where Christmas music accompanies waiting for the Infant Jesus. As in years past, the brass players of the Kölner Dommusik, the Cologne Cathedral Choir and the Cologne Cathedral’s Girls’ Choir will shorten the wait for the anticipated celebration by performing a number of inspirational Christmas compositions and also inviting the audience to occasionally sing along. From its very beginnings, this traditional family concert has been moderated by the popular pastor Christoph Biskupek, who leads the audience through the programme once again.

keine Pause | Ende gegen 16:15

Stehplatzkarten zu je € 18,- bzw. zum ermäßigten Preis von € 10,- für Schüler, Auszubildende, Studierende bis 28 Jahre, Köln-Pass-Inhaber und Schwerbehinderte sind ab 90 Minuten vor Konzertbeginn an der Konzertkasse erhältlich. Es werden maximal zwei Karten pro Person ausgegeben.

Kölner Philharmonie