Thierry Mechler ©Jörn Neumann

Thierry Mechler: Debussy, Dutilleux, Fauré

Monday 28.01.2019, 20:00

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“First silence, then standing ovations!” These words of praise summarize audience reaction to a concert by the organ virtuoso Thierry Mechler. Born in Alsace, since 1998 the artist has held a professorship for organ and improvisation at Cologne’s Academy of Music and Dance and is well-known to local audiences: in 2002 he was appointed organist and custodian of the Klais Organ at Cologne’s Philharmonie. For his current recital he has chosen a series of works by French composers ranging from baroque to late romanticism up to works of classicistic modernism. All pieces were originally written for cembalo or piano. Thierry Mechler has transcribed them for the “queen of instruments”, so rich in sound colour and so impressive in its spatial fullness. Furthermore, the organist will demonstrate his mastery of the amazing art of improvisation by extemporizing on themes by Claude Debussy.

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Jean-Philippe Rameau
Les Sauvages
aus: Nouvelles Suites de pièces de clavecin (um 1792, 1742–1760)

Jean-Philippe Rameau
aus: Nouvelles Suites de pièces de clavecin (um 1792, 1742–1760)

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Le Rappel des Oiseaux
aus: Suite en mi

Jean-Philippe Rameau
aus: Suite en mi

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Musette en rondeau. Tendrement
aus: Suite en mi

Gabriel Fauré
Improvisation cis-Moll 84,5
aus: Huit Pièces brèves op. 84 (1869)

Maurice Ravel
aus: Le tombeau de Couperin (1914/17)

Maurice Ravel
aus: Le tombeau de Couperin (1914/17)

Erik Satie
Prière des Orgues
aus: Messe des pauvres (Grande Messe de l’Église Métropolitaine d’Art) (1893–95)

Francis Poulenc
aus: Trois Pièces (1918–28; rev. 1953)

Pause gegen 20:45

Claude Debussy
Hommage à Rameau
aus: Images I L 110 (1905)

Henri Dutilleux
III. Improvisation
aus: Au gré des ondes (1946)

Maurice Ravel
aus: Le tombeau de Couperin (1914/17)

Jean-Louis Florentz
"Chant des fleurs" (Mâhlêta segê). Une méditation
aus: Laudes. Kidân za-nageh op. 5 (1983–85)

Thierry Mechler
Improvisation über Themen von Claude Debussy
für Orgel

Thierry Mechler spielt alle Werke des Konzerts auf der Orgel der Kölner Philharmonie


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