Repercussion ©Funke Foto Services/Udo Gottschalk

Repercussion feat. Warped Type: Percussion and Live Visuals

Thursday 27.12.2018, 20:00

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“Top ensemble” is the accolade the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung bestowed upon the group Repercussion. In its concerts, the multifaceted group extends the realm of acoustic percussion instruments by adding electronic elements, covering the full range of compositions from Johann Sebastian Bach to the classics of the percussion literature up to the modern age. Attention to detail and love of music are combined with technical perfection by the four musician friends in an electrifying programme. In this concert, Repercussion deepens its cooperation with the artists of Warped Type: the visual-art group from Düsseldorf artfully stages the impressive multiplicity of percussion instruments, visually reflecting their enormous acoustic range on a screen.

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    Johannes Wippermann Schlagzeug
    Rafael Sars Schlagzeug
    Simon Bernstein Schlagzeug
    Veith Kloeters Schlagzeug
    Andreas Huck Live-Visuals
    Roland Nebe Live-Visuals
    Florian Breuer Live-Visuals
    Stefan Hings Live-Visuals


Steve Reich
Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)
für fünf Paar gestimmte Klanghölzer (claves)

John Psathas
aus: One Study One Summary (2005)

Tomer Yariv
Gyro (2005)
für Percussion Duo

Roberto Bocca
Dialogo & Esegesi (2015)
für Mallett-Quartett

Casey Cangelosi
Bad Touch (2013)
für Schlagzeug solo und Tonband

Leonhard Waltersdorfer
22 (2013)
für Vibraphon solo

John Psathas
aus: One Study One Summary (2005)

Minoru Miki
Marimba Spiritual (1983/84)
für Marimbaphone solo und drei Schlagzeuger



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