Mohammad Reza Mortazavi ©Acci Baba

Barbat Ensemble ©Juliane Terpe

Ali Ghamsari ©Ehsan Moghaddas Pour

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Barbat Ensemble, Ali Ghamsari Ensemble

Saturday 17.11.2018, 20:00

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The Barbat Ensemble spearheads a new generation of musicians playing classical Persian music. They take new paths without denying tradition, thus opening new horizons within classical Persian music. Stirring, multifaceted, virtuoso performances – the ensemble knows how to impress audiences when joining forces with the multi-instrumentalist Ali Ghamsari, the oud virtuoso Amirfarhang Eskandari and the multitalented percussionists Sebastian Flaig and Reza Samani. On this evening their line-up also includes the master percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, the drummer with the “fastest hands in the world”.

Pause gegen 21:00 | Ende gegen 22:15


    Mani Khoshravesh Ney
    Nima Khoshravesh Setar
    Pouya Khoshravesh Kamancheh
    Reza Samani Percussion
    Arman Sigarchi Ūd
    Ali Ghamsari Tar
    Reza Samani Percussion
    Sebastian Flaig Percussion


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