Ingo Metzmacher ©Harald Hoffmann

Ensemble Modern, Ingo Metzmacher: Andre

Friday 25.01.2019, 20:00

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“Inspired by a deeply religious impulse, Mark Andre writes completely secularized music,“ writes Die Zeit about the composer born in Paris. During a trip to Jerusalem he was moved to write his three-part cycle riss, having made the acquaintance of the theologian Margareta Gruber and being deeply impressed by her essay Der Vorhang zerreißt. Mark Andre’s music is often at the limit of the barely audible, but is simultaneously electrifyingly present.

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Mark Andre
riss 1 (2016–17)
für Ensemble

Mark Andre
riss 2 (2014)
für Ensemble

Mark Andre
riss 3 (2014–16)
für Ensemble


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