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Cecilia Bartoli ©Rolex/Hugo Glendinning

Cecilia Bartoli: Viva Vivaldi!

Wednesday 05.12.2018, 20:00

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The twitter of songbirds, warm summer rain, storms and icy winds: Vivaldi’s masterpiece The Four Seasons is a journey through the natural phenomena of the yearly cycle portrayed with great musical precision. Together with her ensemble, Cecilia Bartoli follows this path and presents a fascinating and multifaceted view of Vivaldi’s vocal and instrumental music. Here, almost twenty years after the appearance of her impressive Vivaldi album, she once again brings the most well-known and unfamiliar pieces back to the stage, following the motto “Viva Vivaldi”!


Cecilia Bartoli: Viva Vivaldi!

Viva Vivaldi!

Antonio Vivaldi
aus: La Silvia RV 734 (1721)

Antonio Vivaldi
"Non ti lusinghi la crudeltade". Arie des Lucio
aus: Tito Manlio RV 738 (1719)

Antonio Vivaldi
"Zeffiretti che sussurrate"
aus: Ercole su’l Termodonte RV 710 (1723)

Antonio Vivaldi
"Sol da te, mio dolce amore". Arie des Ruggiero, 1. Akt
aus: Orlando (furioso) RV 728 (1727)

Antonio Vivaldi
"Se lento ancora il fulmine"
aus: Argippo RV 697 (1730)

Antonio Vivaldi
"Gelosia, tu già rendi"
aus: Ottone in Villa RV 729 (1713)

Antonio Vivaldi
"Gelido in ogni vena". Arie des Farnace, 2. Akt
aus: Farnace RV 711 (1727)

Antonio Vivaldi
Arie des Catone
aus: Catone in Utica RV 705 (1737)

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