Galaxien im Weltall, aufgenommen durch das Hubble-Weltraumteleskop ©NASA

Eight Bridges


EIGHT BRIDGES | Music for Cologne marks its tenth anniversary by daring to gaze into eternity. In an edition entitled Cosmos, this contemporary music festival sets out on a journey through time and space.


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Works by composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage and Iannis Xenakis transport audiences to new sound realms, cosmic worlds and galactic zones. At the Kölner Philharmonie it's not only these sound worlds that are experienced; audiences can look up at the ceiling with its glittering, atmospheric halo of lights and imagine themselves beneath the starry firmament. Real views into the distance can be had at the EIGHT BRIDGES open-air concerts which will explore the urban microcosm at selected venues in the city.


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